You’re doing what? Why?

If you’ve ever driven through East Tennessee, you’ve seen them: pastel buildings shaped like stairsteps, each supporting a giant concrete hamburger, hot dog, French fries, and what I have always assumed is a milkshake, but maybe it’s tea. The style is friendly and distinctive, and if you’re from here, you know exactly what pleasures await you at the drive-thru window. Peachy tea, Frenchie fries, and a Big Pal. Cheddar rounds. The Big Chicken. A Chili Bun and a chocolate shake.

The appeal of Pal’s, however, does not lie in its eye-catching architecture alone, or even in a menu that includes items made of actual magic. (I’m looking at you, cheddar rounds.) What sets Pal’s apart from all other fast-food chains is the Thought for the Day.

Every day, Pal’s dispenses sage advice and wisdom from its marquees.

Today, Day 1 of this project, is my 35th birthday. I’m at a time in my life when I find myself searching for something. A deeper meaning. A philosophical practice that can really help me to grow into my Better Self. Like a life coach, but, you know…free.

So every day from today, when I turn 35, until June 18th of 2018, when I turn 36, I’m putting my fate into the hands of the guy who writes the Pal’s Thought for the Day.

Thank you, Pal’s. You are the guiding light that’s going to get me through this year with grace and personal growth. Teach me your ways. Namaste, y’all.